Welcome to the Occupational Health and Safety Experience for Big Corporations and Small Companies

Our Services (UK)

We focus on your safety and security. In an effort to do so, we  advise the directors, managers and construction site workers  on all safety and health matters to ensure that the company complies with its statutory obligations.

Our primary goal is to provide safety and health to the people working on different construction sites as well as in their offices.We also provide training to people to assure them of their health.

Responsibilities of Our Health and Safety Managers

The Director responsible for Health and Safety is accountable to the Managing Director for all matters relating to health, safety and welfare of employees and those affected by the companies operations.

In particular the Director Responsible for Health and Safety will:

1) Understand and ensure that the implications and duties imposed by new Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments, H.S.E. Guidance Notes and Codes of Practice are brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.

2 )Bring company-related health and safety matters to the attention of the Board of Directors at regular intervals.

3 )Ensure that there is good communication  between employer and employees at all times.

4) Lias with the person appointed in the role of Safety Manager over the full range of their duties and responsibilities, with respect to inspections, audits, report recommendations, changes in legislation and advice obtained from other sources.

5) Ensure adequate means of distributing and communicating health, safety and welfare information obtained for the H.S.E., Safety organizations and Trade associations regarding new techniques of accident prevention, new legislation requirements and codes of practice etc.

6 )Ensure that an adequate program of training for Health and Safety is established and that the safety culture is encouraged among employees.

7 )Set a personal example at all times by using the correct personal protective clothing/equipment and following all safety requirements and procedures.

Our Areas of Expertise 

All safety tasks such as site inspection and audits, health and safety and investigations trainings etc. are our areas of expertise.

We cover the following industry sectors:

  • Construction
  • Property, Leisure:Casinos
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy, Oil & Gas, & Utilities
  • Consultancy
  • Financial Services
  • Capital Projects & Infrastructure
  • Technology