Our concern is on the uncertainties that matters

Thokozani Msimanga is an expert in security and safety. Having graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and from The University of Wolver Hampton with a BA in Business, he is well versed with what is required of company services to its clients.

Mr. Thonkozani also holds a masters degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment from the University of Birmingham. He is well educated in the field, and directs the company with learned prowess.

He has vast experience in the field of Occupational H&S. The director has previously worked as an occupational Health Safety Manager at Egis Group, an international projects company dealing with infrastructure, planning, building, water and environment. He was also a Safety Surveillance Officer at EAGLES.

His full focus is now on Genius Plus Enterprises. It is for the obvious reason that your safety requires maximum attention; you deserve to be safe. 

Thokozani is here to serve you. We are here to serve you.